Ukraine continues to violate multiple articles of the UN Declaration of Human Rights while desecrating sanctified land and waging war against those who love God and pray for peace.
President Zelensky Cheers the Eviction as “Strengthening Ukrainian Spiritual Independence”
State Department Spokesperson Ned Price claims those violating the rights of protesters could be sanctioned and punished.
Met. Morphou has also discussed prophecies involving the last world war and Christ's return.
A list of interesting conspiracy-centric ebooks, videos, and content (that is free). This is not an exhaustive list of all free content covering…
The memo warns that Radical Traditional Catholicism will become more popular in the next 12-24 months due to the Presidential Election while justifying…
Evil is a consequence of mankind’s choice to rebel against God. While the Garden of Eden was Paradise, Adam and Eve chose to pursue being like a god…
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